THE prospect of seeing life’s trials and tribulations as a gift could be yours in Llandudno this week.

The Kalpa Bhadra Kadampa Buddhist Centre on Mostyn Avenue is relocating to Venue Cymru on Thursday, January 30 to welcome the NKT UK National Spiritual director Kadam Bridget Heyes for a meditation on reducing Anxiety and Worry.

The first event of its kind for the centre at the Venue, Kalpa Bhadra Kadampa was founded by Tibetan meditation master Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche in 1995 in order to help everyone find reliable methods to develop inner peace and solve their problems in an accessible manner that doesn’t necessarily entail religious commitment.

North Wales Pioneer:

Kalpa Bhadra Kadampa Buddhist Centre resident teacher Geshe Kelsang Gyato

Originating from many of the key practices contained within the spiritual teachings of Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation products have take the world by storm in recent years - however, they form only part of the picture and are often presented in isolation.

Without the associated concepts including compassion, acceptance and relinquishing attachment, they can often fall short of helping people attain lasting peace.

This event will present a flavour of the full spectrum of the practice, regardless of belief or experience, presenting even more opportunities to become fluent in the language of contentment.

Kadam Bridget Heyes will lead guests in a meditation and offer a public talk presenting profound ideas in a way that are easy to practice and integrate into daily life.

She will be joined by the resident teacher of the Llandudno centre, Gen Kelsang Leksang, who has studied under the guidance of Geshe Kelsang Gyato and will continue to present similar events throughout the year.

Tickets for a meditation with Kadam Bridget Heyes at Venue Cymru are £10. To book click here.