BLOOD Bikes Wales is a volunteer organisation which provides essential support, at no cost to the NHS, Llandudno and Area Women's Group heard.

The group was briefed on the organsiation’s role and operations when they received a presentation by Garry and Debbie Frost from Blood Bikes Wales. Garry is a representative for the organisation and Debbie is the controller for the Wales area. Blood Bike Wales is an entirely volunteer organisation which supports, at no cost to the NHS, in Wales. It moves vital supplies including milk for premature babies, blood products, tissue samples and patients records where there is a degree of urgency.

The organisation provides both daytime cover and an effective out of hours service covering the whole of Wales and works closely with similar teams in the rest of the UK.

It also works alongside the Wales Air Ambulance Service. The volunteers usually have day jobs and work their volunteer time around these jobs. Blood Bikes Wales became operational in 2013 and continues to grow and expand every year. It covered about 40,500 miles in 2019, kept on the road by mainly donations and fundraising. In 2019 it was named as the Welsh Charity Organisation of the Year and received a plaque to commemorate this amazing achievement.

The Group’s next meeting is on Thursday, February 20, 7.30 p.m. at The Imperial Hotel, when it will hear the history of the Mostyn Family by Richard Thomas. For further infomation ring Diane on 07733352497 or Lynda on 07879441511.