A peaceful 'freeze council tax' protest will be held in Colwyn Bay tomorrow.

This is being hosted by Pete Ayling and Facebook group Refuse another council tax rise Conwy 2020 and is set to take place outside Coed Pella in Colwyn Bay.

Mr Ayling said: "I feel so strongly about the council tax.

"It is nothing to do with the budgets that the council claims is being cut from Westminster.

"I am not concerned about their budgets, because their budgets are still millions and millions tens of millions of pounds. What my concern is, even though compared to their budgets it may appear a small amount, the wastage adds up to millions of pounds which is blatant and the council seem to make no effort in publicising reasons for these errors happening.

"Services are being cut everywhere you look...recycling banks are being taken away, bins are full everywhere you look.

"I urge people if they can to spare just one hour on Saturday, February 22 between 11am and 3pm or Thursday, February 27 between 1pm and 6pm."

Householders in Conwy county face a threat of a seven per cent increase in council tax.

Conwy’s Council Tax has been amongst the lowest in Wales for many years, despite the increases applied in recent years; Band D Council Tax was currently the ninth lowest in Wales, 7.48 per cent below Gwynedd Council and 3.64 per cent below Denbighshire County Council.

Conwy’s final settlement is expected to be announced by Welsh Government at the end of February, and the count council will meet on March 5 to finalise the budget.