PART of the wall on Marine Drive on the west side of the Great Orme has collapsed following a landslip.

Marine Drive in Llandudno has been closed to the public, but to keep access open to homes on its West side traffic lights have been installed to ensure drivers use only one lane of the road.

Structural engineers are making an assessment of the damage.

In addition, an extensive area of the West Shore is underwater as a result of the boating lake flooding and overtopping due a blocked outlet pipe. Council engineers are working to clear the blockage.

Cllr Louise Emery, who lives in the vicinity, said: “Part of the wall on the seaward side of Marine Drive has collapsed because of a landslip beneath the road.

“Structural engineers from the council are assessing the damage.”

She added: “Traffic lights have been put in place to stop drivers using the seaward side of the road.

“The boating lake on West shore has overtopped apparently because an outlet pipe has been blocked and water is covering a large area around the lake. Council engineers are working to unblock the pipe.”