A NOVEL Craig-Y-Don animal rescue service has taken flight with bona fide charity status.

After eight years of self-funding, Joan’s North Wales Parrot Rescue has received confirmation of its new status from the Charity Commission this month.

The now fully-fledged charity - which was established as a non-profit service from the front room of founder Joan Rakhra and is the only one of its kind in North Wales - opened it's first shop in Colwyn Bay last year, and has also funded its operations with frequent events.

Mrs Rakhra said: "I put the application in last January, and it has taken more than a year to come through.

"The rescue volunteers have worked so hard over that time years to make sure we had fundraising events running, all while caring for 30 parrots.

"We are so exited to receive charitable status, but we will carry on as we have been - putting the welfare of the birds first and to find homes for them to give them that second chance at life .

The charismatic long lived birds have a life span of up to 100 years, meaning many of them outlive their owners

To raise awareness, Joan's North Wales Parrot Rescue volunteers also frequently visit schools around school and nursing homes on educational visits, and was honoured with a global award from US-based ornithology magazine Bird Observers.