THE A55 has reopened following an eight vehicle pile up at Llandudno Junction.

Traffic had been brought to a halt because of the crash on the eastbound lane between Junctions 18 and 19 immediately after Conwy Tunnel

Traffic Wales said: “The A55 between Junction 18 and Junction 19 Black Cat travelling eastbound, now open. Conwy Tunnel travelling eastbound is now fully open. Penmaenbach headland travelling eastbound is now full open.”

Earlier Traffic Wales reported: “Earlier Traffic Wales reported: “We are currently batching traffic through the Conwy Tunnel and Penmaenbach headland on the A55 eastbound. Traffic will stop and start until we have managed to clear the collision between Junction 18 and Junction 19 Black Cat.”

A North Wales Police spokesperson said: “A road traffic collision involving eight vehicles on the A55 eastbound between Junctions 18 and 19, Llandudno Junction to Black Cat. Traffic will be congested in the area for some time whilst recovery of the vehicles takes place.”