PLANS to revive the Conwy Valley flood partnership have been announced.

The partnership existed until 2017 and was a regular forum between all the statutory bodies and representatives of the local town and community councils.

Llanrwst town council has decided to restart the partnership following the recent floods which hit the town. A council spokesman said. “We have written to all the organisations previously involved to invite them to a meeting with a view to securing the reinstatement of the forum to ensure a revised Conwy Valley Flood Plan is agreed and published. We will also ensure flood guidance pages are reinstated within Conwy's website.”

The council has started work on a community flood plan. The spokesman added: “We took our first steps on this a while ago. This is a specific plan to complement and support the wider valley flood plan. It requires a good knowledge of our patch, those people with special needs and so on.

“Such a plan requires the recruitment of flood wardens who will have a specific role and will play a central part in assisting to develop the community flood plan.

“The role of the flood warden is not one which requires individuals to put on their waterproofs and put themselves at any risk during a flood, it is a key informational and educational role within the community which the warden is responsible for.”

The council has also decided to buy a stock of sandbags. The spokesman added: “We recognise they are seen as offering a measure of reassurance to some within our community. It will take a little time to organise this including a location for storage and distribution. To maximise the number of sandbags available and minimise costs empty sandbags will be with a supply of sand."