THE MPS for Clwyd West and Aberconwy have urged the Welsh Government to spend the extra money for flooding from the Budget to protect vulnerable communities in North Wales .

David Jones, MP for Clwyd West, said: “The Government is investing £5.2 billion on flood defences in England. As flood protection is a devolved matter in Wales, the Welsh Government will receive their fair share of funding through the Barnett formula, reflecting the additional spending in England.

“If the Welsh Government match the Conservatives’ spending per head on flood prevention, this would see more than £300 million spent on flood defences in Wales by 2027.”

He added: “The Welsh Government are being given the financial resources they need to improve flood defences in Wales. It is now their responsibility to do what is necessary ensure that our vulnerable communities receive the flood protection they so urgently need.”

Robin Millar, the MP for Aberconwy said: “The Welsh Government is to receive extra money to deal with flooding and I hope for two things will happen.

“One is that some of this money will find its way to North Wales, particularly Llanrwst. The other The Welsh Government carefully considers the most effective way to spend this money and that demands a review of flooding and upland management.”