THE Vietnamese wife of a teacher has been refused permission to remain in this country despite her husband having serious bowel cancer.

Mathew Williams, 38, and wife Tuoc, 30, have been shocked by the refusal letter from the Home Office which suggests he could get treatment in Vietnam, the letter said: “Vietnam has the appropriate health care system to provide all the physical and emotional support you and your partner may need.”

At his father’s home in Llandudno Mr Williams said: “It’s a letter with inaccuracies. I was diagnosed with cancer when working in Abu Dhabi a year ago and returned to this country in October. Tuoc is appealing to extend the family visit visa so we can be together and she can support me. Otherwise she would have to leave Britain by next Monday. She is my wife and it is dreadful we have to beg for her to stay.” They met in 2013 when both were teaching at the British International School in Vietnam and married four years later, they moved to Llandudno last October.

The Home Office states, wrongly, that Mr Williams “Has received treatment in both Vietnam and the UK, therefore it is believed that your partner can continue to receive treatment in the country of his choice.” It was in Abu Dhabi he became unwell and was treated, not Vietnam. An apparent typographical error describes Mr Williams, who teaches drama and music, as “your wife." The letter warns Tuoc can be removed by force to Vietnam if she does not appeal. This has now been submitted.

They have asked Aberconwy MP Robin Millar for help and have consulted an immigration lawyer. Mr Millar said: “It is important people have access to the very best advice and most up to date information in matters like this which can be complex.”