URGENT action is needed by the Welsh Government to support tourism businesses in North Wales.

These businesses, which form a major part of the North Wales economy have been severely hit by the coronavirus crisis and recent flooding.

Jim Jones, chief executive of North Wales Tourism, said: “This is a deeply worry time and, understandably, we are inundated with enquiries, especially relating to concerns within the tourism and hospitality sector.

“We have gathered a lot of intelligence from our members and are sharing this with Welsh Government. What we want and need as soon as possible is clarity on what business support is forthcoming.”

Janet Finch Saunders, AM for Aberconwy said: “I know of hotels in the Conwy Valley which, due to flooding, have recorded the worst February on record since foot and mouth, and are now facing serious difficulties due to Covid-19.

“In Llandudno bookings at hotels equate to just 10 per cent of those made at the same time last year, and that queries about cancellations are increasing. Businesses are at threat of going into administration, so urgent action is needed to help prop them up.

“It is time for urgent action on business rates, grant funding, and for the Welsh Government to ensure the support available here is at least as generous as that in England. Rather than give assurances the Welsh Government is monitoring the impact and Visit Wales will continue to undertake research across the sector to understand the effects on businesses”.

Dafydd Ellis-Thomas, deputy Welsh minister for tourism said: “We are continually monitoring the impact of Coronavirus on tourism and are working across the Welsh and UK Governments to take appropriate measures in response to the unfolding situation.

“Visit Wales will continue to undertake research across the sector to understand and monitor the impacts on businesses.”