THE announcement the Welsh Government will receive nearly more than £1.5 billion from the Treasury to help support businesses in the current crisis has been welcomed by a North Wales MP.

Clwyd West MP, David Jones, welcomed the further support for businesses announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak yesterday.

In addition to the UK-wide measures, a further £1.16 billion will go to the Welsh Government, bringing total additional support for the devolved administration up to £1.635 billion.

The Chancellor announced that all retail, hospitality and leisure businesses in England will be totally relieved from business rates over the next 12 months.

"Previously, the rate relief applied only to businesses with a rateable value under £51,000.

"In addition, grants of £10,000 will be paid to businesses eligible for small business rate relief. Again, this is an England-only measure.

David Jones said: “Small businesses across North Wales need reassurance from the Welsh Government they will receive exactly the same support as businesses in England. It needs to provide that reassurance now.

"There must be no delay. The Chancellor has provided all the funding that the Welsh Government needs to enable it to announce the England only measures will be replicated in full in Wales.

“And the Welsh Government should go further. The Chancellor has said that the UK Government will do whatever it takes to support businesses through this crisis. So, the time has come for the Welsh Government to announce the all the England only measures announced at Westminster will immediately be adopted in Wales. This will give huge reassurance to Welsh businesses.

“At a time such as this, the last thing businesses need is mixed messages.”