A CALL is being made for dancers, trainers, zumba teachers, fitness instructors, activity co-ordinators and crafters to help support a Facebook group designed to help people that are shielding, self-isolating or on lockdown.

Isolated Together, tailored for Conwy, Denbighshire and surrounding areas, has been created to help people, particular older adults and vulnerable people, keep their minds and body's active.

The idea is to use the platform to share videos, which members can follow or enjoy watching at home.

Activities are also being posted. One day it might be a quiz, other days a colouring sheet for any age.

People are being called upon to create short videos for the group, which can be anything from two minutes to five minutes long.

These are sent to the admin of the group and then shared online.

Suggestions (but not limited to) are as follows:

  • A zumba routine, T'ai Chi, exercise, yoga, dance
  • Gardening in self-isolation or baking
  • An interesting craft that might not need a lot of materials
  • Knitting, decoupage, crochet, sketching, drawing etc
  • Relaxation, meditation, activity to reduce stress
  • A basic make-up or skin tutorial/routine
  • Tips on how to spring clean

Suzanne Kendrick, chief reporter for coastal titles, has set up the group with support from colleague Arron Evans.

"I know a lot of people will be worried at this time about keeping older relatives and friends safe and adults of any age who will have to spend a long period of time at home. If we can just spread a little happiness, interest or raise a smile in this time of need and pull together," Suzanne said.

"It would mean so much if people, who are able to help us create content, can get in touch.

"Through our jobs, we have met so many talented and skilled people and we are really keen to reach out to them to help us out with the group.

"All content is filmed remotely, by the person who is creating it - we are adhering to all social distancing measures. We then ask it is sent on to us and we will share on the page.

"The page is for older people and vulnerable people having to stay at home predominately, but also for all adults having to stay in at this time. We are there to support each other and to offer friendship and kindness," Suzanne added,

North Wales Pioneer:

Isolated Together Facebook cover picture. Created by Suzanne Kendrick

"We have been hearted by the support we have already had and have just reached 50 members. We've had illustrators who have given us permission to share their colouring pages, we have had a yoga instructor who has kindly put together a number of videos for us and we've had karate Instructor Bethan Owen who put together exercises.

"We had people willing to share their interesting experiences such as Ron Cavie, who founded a school in Africa, and Ryan Lloyd, a train enthusiast.

"We really want to support as many people as we are able to in the area and so ask for people to share the group with anyone they think might benefit.

"We understand not everyone is on Facebook. With that in mind, if someone sees a video on the group they think someone else might like, we can always email it over."

There is also ideas to create a book club - and an appeal is being made for people to send a short video holding up/giving a few details about a read they recommend.

Search Isolated Together on Facebook and join the group or click here.

If you are interested in creating a video, email kendricksj2017@gmail.com or send a direct message to the admin or Arron on Facebook.