STAFF at Glan Clwyd Hospital were delighted to receive a heartfelt letter from a pupil at Rhyl High School.

The letter moved Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) so much, it is now being shared ‘far and wide’ on social media.

The letter, written by a year nine pupil, known only as ‘Grace’, said: “I am writing this letter of recognition to show my appreciation of all the hard work in Glan Clwyd Hospital and the whole NHS across the nation. “I am a year nine student at Rhyl High School and I have many family members risking their lives working on the front line including my sister who is a paramedic in Cheshire. I can not imagine how hard it must be for all the people to get up and go to work knowing their putting their lives at risk to save others while this awful virus is infecting so many vulnerable people across the nation.

“I feel it is very important that the NHS know how much they are appreciated.”

North Wales Pioneer:

The letter to NHS staff at BCUHB by the Rhyl youngster known as Grace. Picture: BCUHB

Grace goes on to say she finds all the staff very ‘inspiring and brave’.

“I find it very inspiring that they are willing to put their lives at risk to fight for somebody else’s life.

“Life would be extremely difficult without them.

“Their job must be very damaging on their physical and emotional health.

“This job may have a big impact on their lives with the situations they deal with on a daily basis never knowing what is going to happen, but they go in with confidence and bravery.

“I hope to help the NHS in the future in anyway I can, whether that be working for them or simply volunteering.

“I think it is very warming that the nation is showing their appreciation by standing at their front doors clapping in honour of the amazing work their doing day in day out.

“I want you and everyone working in the NHS to know how incredibly proud your family and the nation are of you, for everything you do.”