BODNANT Garden went all out for the 'final' clap for our carers.

The National Trust attraction, in the Conwy Valley, lit up their Pin Mill and rose terraces in rainbow colours on Thursday, May 28 to mark the 10th week of clapping.

William Greenwood, general manager at Bodnant Garden, said: "We’re glad that we’re able to use the garden to show our support for everything that carers, nurses and essential workers are doing for us.

North Wales Pioneer:

All pictures courtesy of Bodnant Garden

"We hope that when the time comes to reopen the garden, our gates will be open for those who want to escape, reflect, relax or simply enjoy."

Becky Hitchens, visitor experience manager, said: "It was truly a wonderful sight seeing the garden in a different light, the colours reflected so vividly on the canal and the lights bounced off the terraces, illuminating the night sky.

“It’s a shame our staff, volunteers, members and supporters weren’t able to see the display in person, but we hope that these images demonstrate our support and bring joy."

The garden is not currently open to the public but a small team of staff have been working to maintain the gardens, and were lucky enough to see the illuminations.

North Wales Pioneer:

A stunning display

A thank you was given to Illuminated Events Wales for making the display possible; Peter Whitehead and Will Kelly have been lighting up landmarks across North Wales as their own way to say thank you.

Over the last 10 weeks, millions of people have lined their thresholds, gathered on pavements, and stood in their gardens at 8pm every Thursday to demonstrate their support for care staff and frontline workers.

May 28 was labelled 'the last clap' after the woman behind the idea said she will no longer take part.

Annemarie Plas, a Dutch national living in South London, told the PA news agency: "To have the most impact I think it is good to stop it at its peak.”

North Wales Pioneer:

Only a handful of hard-working staff got to see the display at Bodnant Garden

The Pioneer has been asking it readers how much they have enjoyed being part of the clap over the last 10 weeks and whether they intend to continue.

Kathryn Holland Phillips posted on our Facebook page: "If people want to continue clapping then they should. What needs to stop is saucepan banging, air horns and other excessively loud noises. My pets hate those two minutes of hell in our street on a Thursday."

Julie Jones said: "I think it should carry on until this virus is beaten."

Romana Buttle added: "I want to carry on but the founder of this show of unity has asked us all to stop it - so I will.

"However if I happen to be putting the bins out, like on a Thursday around 8pm, I might do a sneaky clap!"

Lee Kennedy responded: "Wales should keep it going for as long as it takes󠁧."

Julie Kilcourse stressed: "I won't be stopping! My last clap will be when this lockdown is fully lifted.

North Wales Pioneer:

Connor, 12, and Alyssa, 10, clapping. Picture: Darlene Fallorina

"My daughter is a front line worker and each week I clap for a different sector, not just NHS, as I feel some sectors are being ignored but they work just as hard. This is my opinion."

Gemma Davies said: "We love doing it. I work night shifts for the NHS so it's a really lovely thing to do in these hard times we are going through.

North Wales Pioneer:

Roxie Lou claps outside on May 28. Picture: Gemma Davies

"My daughter would still like to.carry on as it's something nice to do in these hard times."

Darlene Fallorina added: "I think we will carry on clapping.

"We have a neighbour whose has got children and works in Glan Clwyd Hospital and we are all happy doing it."