Plans to build 22 houses in the second tranche of an Old Colwyn residential scheme will be come back to councillors after a change in Welsh Government planning policy.

At its virtual meeting next week the authority’s planning committee will again consider the application by Macbryde Homes for the development of 22 homes off Dolwen Road, Old Colwyn.

On January 8 this year the scheme was handed to officers to pass with conditions laid down by the committee about road widening, landscaping, street lighting and Section 106 payments – which help towards improving community assets such as open spaces, play areas and local services.

However the Section 106 agreement with officers had not been agreed by the time new planning rules from Welsh Government were issued on March 26.

These rules, which meant councils had to calculate a five-year land supply for housing, often left council planning committees feeling they had no alternative but to pass schemes so they could prove they were providing enough future housing. The policy was called TAN 1.

Some councils felt hamstrung by these rules, which they claimed were based on incorrect formulas producing unrealistic numbers of houses needed.

When TAN 1 was revoked by Welsh Government in March officers decided the plans should be resubmitted to councillors, because planning had not been settled in the case of the Dolwen Road development.

There were objections from some councillors and residents to the first application but officers are recommending committee members reaffirm their decision of January 8 and pass the scheme again.

The issue will be heard at Conwy’s virtual planning committee meeting on Wednesday June 10.