DAVID Jones has given an insight on what life has been like as a Clwyd West MP during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Jones returned to parliament this month after weeks of working remotely.

As soon as lockdown measures were introduced on March 23, Mr Jones, and his team, immediately sprung into action and started helping those from the constituency, who were stuck abroad, get home.

"Life has been extremely hectic during this time," Mr Jones said.

"I have five members of staff who live all over the county: London, Kent, Suffolk and then in Colwyn Bay and Denbigh.

"There was huge problems with people being stuck abroad. We had to help repatriate people from all over, from Australia to the Philippines and Argentina. Even Russia.

"The effort my team put in that first week is so impressionable. Everyone has worked flat out. They did a tremendous job to assist.

"We found Zoom was a life saver.

"They have still not returned from the office.

"They are still working from home. We have an 11am Zoom call everyday."

The politician said he and the team have also helped residents with financial problems, businesses with fears about the future and worked with other parliamentarians to bring those 'who fell through the cracks' into the scope of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Mr Jones feels the coronavirus pandemic will impact the future of work

"I think what is going to come out of this is a lot of change," he said.

"There will be a better work life balance. I think we will see a lot of change in work patterns."

Talking about returning to parliament, Mr Jones described it as 'a very different place.'

"For a start, there is normally about 5,000 working in parliament. All the support staff were told not returned," he said.

"They have done quite well with the social distancing. There is lines on the ground and circle discs.

"We can't get into the chamber. It is limited to 50 people. If you want to go into the chamber, you have to be on a list which done by ballot. You have to be picked.

"It is not as satisfactory as it might be, but I think it is important we are back. We can't say one thing and have MPs do it different.

"We don't sit on committees, it is all done on Zoom.

"It is a very different place."