ANOTHER mum has shared her experience of giving birth during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The mum - only known as Francesca - had son Gwyn on April 13 at Glan Clwyd Hospital.

This was Francesca's third baby but it was her first time of giving birth in the hospital's midwifery led unit.

She said: "It was so relaxing, I felt so much calmer giving birth there.

"My midwife Stacey Homer, who delivered our son, was so reassuring and helped me with breastfeeding.

"We were there for a week due to baby being on antibiotics but got to see how all the staff in the maternity ward helped all mother and babies there and someone was always cleaning.

"All staff gave a great level of care, wore personal protective equipment and washed their hands between seeing other mother and babies."

In May, new mum Lucy gave her account on having a baby during lockdown.

Any mums-to-be who have questions about their antenatal appointments should call their community midwife.