A PAIR of Vaughan Street businessmen have become a trio to rejuvenate a Llandudno Venue.

Eric Ledru of coffee shop Blend and hair salon owner Clinton James have taken on 3rd Space on Clonmel Street.

The venue and eatery closed shortly before lockdown, with former chef Paul Gregson joining with the partners to bring it back into the fold as the town's second Blend.

Mr Ledru, who lives in Llandudno Junction said: "We took over what was 3rd Space in June, and we are planning opening at the beginning of August.

"We wanted to expand as we thought this place was the most suitable for our future project of bringing back the community together.

"To do this, we had to redo the whole place - it is a total revamp of the building."

Mr Ledru, who is orginally from France, opened the first Blend coffee shop in Llandudno three years ago with the help of Mr James, who he sees as a mentor.

Mr Ledru added: "We are three partners involved in a great journey. Paul is a passionate cook who has been inspired by his travel around the world, Clinton is a passionate and dedicated person and myself - I am driven by my passion for coffee.

"I love to share and teach my passion about coffee. Being French it is a culture. I have studied and worked with coffee for over 15 years now.

"It is really exciting - no place in Llandudno will be like us and it is a great challenge to open under these conditions."

The rollout of the new Blend venue is set to take place in phases, with phase one focusing on coffee and homemade breakfasts with the possibility of a click and collect service.

Phase two will involve the reopening of the seating area, the return of a lunch menu and cocktail bar in the early evening, before live music and entertainment events return in phase three.

For more information, visit the '@BlendLlandudno' page on Facebook.