Planners have approved outline plans for 14 new homes on the site of former bar and nightclub.

The Windjammers Bar and Nightclub in Belgrano, Abergele was torched deliberately, according to North Wales Fire and Rescue service, in August 2013.

The proposals for the site, owned by Nigel Gizzi,  include a total of 14 terraced, detached and semi-detached homes with a density of seven two-bed, four three-bed and three four-bed properties.

The outline plans had received the backing of Conwy Council’s planning committee in July, but were presented once again to members during Wednesday’s virtual meeting in order to add conditions including provision of a new covered bus shelter.

The report noted that as the applicant was unwilling to fund the total cost of a new bus shelter as part of a Section 106 agreement,  a condition would be set meaning that work on the homes would be prevented until  the off-site works have been completed.

But enjoying the backing of Abergele Town Council, describing the former bar as “unsightly,” Conwy planning officers offered no other objections with the plans, subject to conditions being met, being approved by members.

Cllr Andrew Wood, representing the Gele Ward, also noted his backing to the plans despite the site lying within a C1 flood zone.

He said: “The existing building is not fit for rebuilding, is derelict and has fallen into total disrepair, and needs clearing and demolishing for safety reasons.

“The ‘new build’ is not on a flood plain, nor is it likely to flood unduly in the next 1-1000 years. The flooding risk in the NRA report was noted as being 0.1%.

“The site is suitable for low cost affordable housing and needs to be developed in line with the properties that exist to the east and are to be established and border on the west.

“The current appearance of the site spoils the natural landscape between the road and the sea wall, I cannot see any other useful occupation for the land that is sandwiched between two developments of housing that could be considered, or would be desirable.”

Cllr Sue Lloyd Williams added her backing to the plans, and calls for a specific bus shelter, but called for a Welsh name to be given to the estate.

“Its important, where we can, to promote the Welsh language and to provide Welsh names for such new developments.

“But I’m fully supportive of the application, which will make a big difference to the site and I wish the applicant well.”

With members unanimously approving the outline plans with the exception of one abstention, a full application will need to be submitted to officers before work can commence.