ANGLERS were 'absolutely buzzing' to have caught the rare sighting of a 5ft turtle off the coast of Rhos on Sea on camera.

Guests who had been taken out angling by Jack Thomas of Incentive Sea Fishing Trips on August 6 had the rare opportunity of seeing the leatherback turtle up close as it bobbed in and out of the sea.

The species are the largest turtles in the world and can live to be one hundred years old. They are very rarely seen off the coast of the UK.

In a video posted to the Incentive Sea Fishing Trips Facebook page, onlookers wer heard calling the sight of the turtle 'absolutely spectacular' and that 'you're unlikely to ever seen anything like that again'.

Jack Thomas said: "Some days the fishing really does take a back seat. Absolutely buzzing that we came accross this turtle whilst out today.

"Its the first I've ever had the pleasure of seeing and the first I've ever heard of being seen off this coast."