A CONWY business-owner is set to experience a part of refugee life as he takes on the 'Ration Challenge' next month.

Between September 13 and 19, Mark Sykes will be living off the rations given to Syrian Refugees in Jordanian refugee camps.

Mark, who runs 'Beehive' - a small leadership development and safety culture consultancy in Conwy - decided to take on the challenge to raise awareness of the struggles refugees face on a daily basis

The Ration Challenge is dedicated to raising money for refugees through getting people to set up their own fundraising pages and gather sponsors together.

For the full week, Mark, along with other members from the UK involved in his virtual team, will drink only water and eat just the contents of their ration pack, which consists mainly of rice.

Mark said: "I saw something on my facebook which reflected on how fortunate I was to have been born in the UK in a time of great prosperity and security, and that there are many millions of people across the world who did not have the same good fortune.

"That led me to thinking that if I could do something to make the live of even a small number of people easier, it would be worthwhile."

Asked about how he felt ahead of taking on the challenge, Mark added: "I love my food and wine, so I am rather nervous about going for a week without all the trappings of great local food. I have some recipes that they provided and am slowly working my way through those, but there is so little variety in the food provided, as well as there being very little. Anxious would be a good word to describe my feelings."

"Given the coronavirus crisis that the world is experiencing at the moment I again recognise what a privilege it is to live in North Wales, and have a great health service if I get ill.

"The many people living in refugee camps have only rudimentary healthcare, if any, so that acts as a further incentive for me to complete this challenge."