RESIDENTS on a Rhos-on-Sea estate claim complaints about rat infestation are being ignored by Conwy County Borough Council.

Household rubbish is put out in bin bags which are attacked by seagulls, jackdaws and rats which tear the bags open and feed on the contains.

Mr John Essery, who lives on Maes Glas housing estate, said: “We have complained to Conwy Council time and time again and nothing has been done.

“The complaints have been ongoing for a period of time going back as far as two years in some cases. We would like to meet a council representative to discuss the issues but we don’t think this will happened soon.

“Residents are placing household waste out sometimes days before the collection day in plastic bags which include soiled baby nappies, this becomes an open invitation for seagulls, jackdaws and rodents such as rats to tear the bin bags open and feed on the contains. We thought it important to inform the Conwy Council, basically as we own the property their opinion was it was not their responsibility to deal with it. In our opinion the rat infestation was caused by the council not addressing the issues sooner.

A spokesperson for Conwy council said: “Residents of Maes Glas have reported their concerns. The council’s regulatory and housing services and environment, roads and facilities service, along with Cartrefi Conwy, are working to resolve the situation.”