A HEART shaped tribute to the NHS and key workers, created by two young brothers, has been unveiled in Queen’s Park, Craig-y-Don.

The tribute which consists of a snake trail of colourful hand painted stones, was unveiled in the park’s central garden by the Mayor of Llandudno, cllr Angela O'Grady. It was created by Seth and Theo Hastings of Craig-y-Don, Seth is aged five and his brother is four.

This idea was picked up by the brothers from a similar snake trail in Penrhyn Bay and over several months they, with others from the local community, constructed the 20 metres long trail which has 80 painted stones.

The Snake Trail has more than 80 stones, of varying size, each bearing a message or tribute to the NHS and key workers.

Jeff Wright, chairman of The Friends of Queens Park Community Group, who has acted as the project coordinator, said: “The two lads, took the initiative and we decided it was such a good idea we would have it made into a permanent memorial.

“The stones have been fixed to a heart shaped metal background, four and a half feet wide and four feet deep, which has been mounted permanently on a frame.”