ONLINE talks about bats and beavers are planned by the Conwy Valley branch of the North Wales Wildlife Trust.

The first talk, entitled: “Beavers, how they can help wildlife”, will be given by Alicia Leow-Dyke, the Welsh Beaver Project Officer at 7.30pm on Friday November 20.

The other: “Bat Conservation-from cow pats to coastlines”, will be given on the following Friday, November 27, also at 7.30pm, by bat ecologist, Pat Waring. It will look at the challenging world of bat conservation, from hot boxes to Slovakian churches.

The two online talks will utilise Zoom.

Booking is essential for both talks and can be arranged through Mark Sheridan on 07505 214073, or via email at:

The Trust has expressed concern the way we have been living for the past 50 years has caused massive declines in wildlife on land and in the sea.

One in 10 of our wild plants are at risk of extinction and, these days, you will only see half as many hedgehogs in the countryside than in 2000.