THE eyes of the world are on us here in North Wales with the latest series of I'm a Celebrity relocated to Gwrych Castle in Abergele and Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney confirmed as the new owners of our historic Wrexham football club.

With disagreements over Brexit, Welsh Conservative MPs voting not to give free meals to needy children in England, and differing ways the Welsh and UK governments are responding to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a growing feeling on social media that Wales should strive for independence and go it alone.

But the latest debate in Wales, certainly over the past few days, is on what we should call milk when using our native tongue.

#Llaeth and #Llefrith have both been trending on Twitter is what some have dubbed #MilkWars, #MilkDebate and #Milkgate.

Stickers have even been produced so we in Wales can show if we are in the Llaeth or Llefrith camp.

It is not as simple as Llaeth being used in the south and Llefrith being used here in the north, as a visit to the dairy isle in a North Wales shop could result in you seeing either term used.

Some will argue that llaith is a blanket term for dairy, but it wouldn't be unusual for someone to ask if you wanted a drop of llaith in your paned.

Twitter user @ SteffanCymru tweeted: "Remember when the #indywales community was labelled as 'aggressive'? Well we're arguing about which word to use for milk now... LOOK OUT! Rolling on the floor laughing #Llaeth #Llefrith"

And @WelshBoon tweeted: "In our household we use Llefrith for the green top and Llaeth for the red top."

Fortunately, the "war" is all in good fun.

Twitter user @dafyddmihangel tweeted: "I'm just loving this "Llefrith" v. "Llaeth" debate. Showing the wonderful rivalry that exists between N&S yet emphasising both how we can banter among ourselves whilst declaring that we are one. Cymru."