A SIX year old superhero schoolgirl stayed cool and raced to get help when her mum collapsed with a heart condition.

Bea Dean-Lewis’ bravery was recognised with a virtual assembly at Ysgol Pen-y-Bryn, Colwyn Bay, where she is a pupil.

A spokeswoman for the school said during the recent half term holiday Bea showed extreme bravery in challenging circumstances.

She said: “Her mum collapsed due to a heart problem. Bea acted promptly and beyond her years.

“She called 999 from the landline to get her mum medical help that was vitally needed.

“Before using the landline Bea had the foresight to lift up her mums hand to place her thumb on her mobile to unlock it.

“After she could not find the contacts on the phone she resorted to the landline and called 999.

“During the 999 call, Bea was asked to check if her mum was breathing. But as her mum was breathing in a shallow way, she couldn’t feel her breath and thought she wasn’t breathing.

“Bea stayed calm and the call handler told her that the police and ambulance were on their way.”

She added: “Bea was asked to unlock the door, which she has never done before and told to let the police in.

“Despite the anxiety she must have been feeling, Bea told the call handler she was not allowed to open the door to strangers.

“Thankfully the call handler was able to convince her she was safe to open the door and it was genuinely the police on the other side of the door.

“Bea was taken in a police car to her father and was able to sit in the front of the car and switch on the blue lights. North Wales Police are sending her a letter to recognise her bravery which has been signed by the Chief Superintendent.

"There is no doubt what Bea did that night allowed her mum to receive essential medical assistance."

Ysgol Pen-y-Bryn wanted to make sure brave Bea was recognised.

They celebrated their superhero and surprised Bea with a virtual assembly.

The spokesperson added: "The theme was superheroes. Each class explained who they thought their superhero was. The list included the children’s mums and dads, doctors, nurses and policemen.

"When it got to Bea’s class, head teacher Mrs Tabitha Sawyer said ‘stop right there, we have our own superhero’ and explained what Bea had done. After this, Mrs Sawyer made a virtual presentation where magically Bea received a superhero diary through the computer."

During the assembly Bea was told by Mrs Sawyer how proud the school was of her. She said: “Your calmness and determination was incredible and beyond your years. You have given a lesson to all the children about emergency services and the need to call 999 in an emergency.”

PC Vicky Rosco said: “This was one of these moments when a little girl left a real impression on the officers attending the call. Bea’s actions for such a young pupil were very brave and incredibly calm. Coming around to the police and paramedics in the house was incredibly scary.

"When I was told just how brave and calm she was when she made the 999 call, it made me burst with pride."

Bea’s mum, Lucy Williams, said: “She really is my little hero.”