ROAD signs displaying English-language names of places in North Wales have been daubed with graffiti.

North Wales Police is investigating after paint was used in an attempt to cover the English version of place names on several signs in Conwy county over the last week.

A pro-independence slogan was also painted on a wall.

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The areas affected include Bryn Pydew, Llangwstenin and Tal y Cafn, North Wales Police's West Conwy Coastal unit said.

PCSO Naomi Hill said: “The residents are respectful and take pride in their surroundings.

"Damage of this kind around these villages is an eyesore and it will not be tolerated.

“We are keen to identify those responsible and have liaised with the local council to remove the graffiti in question."

Police said anyone with information about the people committing this damage is encouraged to report it to PCSO Hill at Colwyn Bay Police Station via 101.

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