STRONG reactions have been voiced against the daubing of graffiti on road signs and a wall in Bryn Pydew, Llangwstenin and Tal y Cafn.

Councillors have expressed dismay and Conwy Council will despatch a team to clean up the offending material.

Cllr Greg Robbins, Cabinet Member for the Environment said: “It is always very sad when we see our environment damaged by graffiti. There can be no legitimate reason for these actions. We ask everybody to respect our shared environment. The Council will have to despatch a team to clean this up.”

Cllr Chris Cater, who represents Bryn Pedw and Llangwstenin, said: “It is out of order in this rural area and is disappointing. We have low instances of anti social behaviour in these areas. In the past where there has been graffiti we have had it cleaned up quickly.”

Cllr Austin Roberts, whose represents Tal-y-Cafn, said: “I condemn this kind of graffiti, it is vandalism. I cannot understand why anybody would deface road signs. As soon as graffiti is reported, the Council cleans it up quickly.”

The graffiti was reported on the North Wales Police Coastal Twitter feed which said: “Do you know who is responsible for spraying graffiti on signs and walls around areas of Conwy rural?

"The criminal damage is believed to have happened during the past week in the Bryn Pydew, Llangwstenin and Tal y Cafn areas."

Call PCSO Naomi Hill on 101 if you know anything.