THE Great Orme goats have been seen looking for each other, just like they have looked after St David's Hospice through the strange times of 2020.

Photographs, sent to the hospice from Orme resident Ali Davies and Great Orme Country Park Warden Sally Pidcock, show a young goat kid who appears to have been orphaned on the Great Orme and ‘adopted’ by a much older group.

Ms Pidcock said: "The kid is especially small for this time of year, so must have been born later than all the other kids.

"We’ve both seen this kid for a while, never with a nanny and always hanging around with the billies.

"That’s very unusual as they normally spend the first two years of their life living with mum and siblings before joining an all billy group when they are mature.”

North Wales Pioneer:

Kid and Billy Goats on the Orme. Pictures: thanks to Ali Davies and Great Orme Country Park Warden Sally Pidcock

The St David’s Hospice Great Orme Goat Merchandise continues to raise much-needed funds for St David’s Hospice.

In October, the Pioneer reported that an incredible £120,000 had been raised.

Margaret Hollings, head of fundraising, Marketing and Communications, said: "Every fundraisers dream is to think of new and fresh fundraising idea that really captures people’s imagination and raises significant funds at the same time. We are quite simply stunned by the reaction we have received to the Great Orme Goat tee shirts.

"We have now raised over £120,000 for core services having sold 6,500 worldwide.

"The media attention has been huge and we feel very humble that our wonderful hospice in North West Wales has been featured on a local, national and international stage due to this unique fundraising campaign which simply would not have been the case in normal times."

The hospice has since launched hoodies, polo shirts, drinks bottles, Christmas jumpers, pint glasses and more.

It is hoped that the sale of the merchandise will boost the St David’s Hospice Recovery Fund, which aims to recover £1 million of lost income by the end of 2020.

Great Orme Goat themed Christmas presents and stocking fillers are available from