WELSH comedian Rhod Gilbert has lent his support to Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board’s flu campaign - to encourage more care home staff and domiciliary carers to have the flu jab this year.

Rhod got to see just how important the work of care home staff and domiciliary carers when he filmed Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience which was filmed before the coronavirus crisis. In the episode, he took on the role of a care worker - described as ' one of his toughest challenges yet'.

He said: “I only got a brief glimpse I know, but I really appreciated the skill and the passion, the commitment and the love that you show everyday doing the work that you do.”

Rhod has filmed a video appeal which was arranged through his PR Agency directly with BCUHB's communications department.

Leigh Pusey, Betsi Cadwaladr’s immunisation coordinator, said: “It’s really important for carers to get vaccinated against flu. We know of the devastating affect that Covid-19 has had on care homes, how easily it has spread amongst their vulnerable patients. The flu virus is no different.

“The single most effective protection carers can offer to themselves and their patients, is to have the flu vaccine.”

So far, more than 2,500 domiciliary workers and social care and nursing staff within care homes have already had their vaccination, out of which over 62 per cent didn’t have the jab last year.

Adam Mackridge, strategic lead for community pharmacy, said: “These are promising numbers. No doubt the effect of Covid-19 on care homes has played its part in staff having the flu vaccine this year, but we still need more people to make sure they get this important protection.

“This year we have instigated a “buddy up” approach where care homes have been partnered up with a local community pharmacy, making it easier for carers to access the vaccination.”

As the delivery of a safely tested and successful Covid-19 vaccine becomes imminent, carers across North Wales who are yet to be vaccinated against flu are being urged to have the jab as soon as possible.

To to find out more about eligibility for the flu jab visit: bcuhb.nhs.wales/health-advice/immunisations/flu