WORK continues on the construction of the new pier in Colwyn Bay, with contractors currently installing the decorative ironwork panels.

Cllr Brian Cossey, chair of the project board, said “It’s been fascinating to watch the new pier take shape over recent months, and it’s particularly exciting to see some of the decorative ironwork being installed.

The new pier is taking shape in Colwyn Bay

The new pier is taking shape in Colwyn Bay

“Conwy’s councillors and officers have worked hard over many years to get to this stage and we’re pleased that the project is progressing well and completion is in sight.”

Of the 99 original decorative ironwork panels taken from the old pier, 74 were successfully refurbished and will be used on the new pier.

All the lamp columns, their bases and capitals have been recast (as per original design).

The colours used on the decorative ironwork are taken from the results of a paint analysis that dated the colour scheme back to 1934, which corresponds with the construction of the third pavilion that year.

Work to construct the new pier is scheduled to be completed by late spring.