AS THOUSANDS of people head to the polls across North Wales to cast their vote in the Senedd election, here are the coronavirus rules you need to know.

Polling stations opened on Tuesday, May 6 for the sixth general election in Wales since the Welsh Government was formed in 1999, however this time round polling stations will look a little different.

Stations will be open from 7am to 10pm and, if there is a queue, voters will still be able cast their vote as long as you joined it before 10pm.

For the first time, people aged 16 and over are eligible to vote following the Senedd and Elections (Wales) Act in June last year.

Due to the pandemic, there will be safety measures in place at polling stations. Social distancing will limit how many people are allowed inside a polling station at once and, when entering, voters will be expected to wear a face covering.

People will be urged to sanitise their hands when going into and exiting the polling station, with hand sanitiser made available at each location.

Polling station staff may also sit behind protective screens, but voters can still ask them for help if needed. Staff will be cleaning regularly, so people might need to wait for a polling booth to be cleaned before it can be used again.

Voters are welcome to take their own pencil or pen if preferred. Clean pencils will be made available for each person.

Where possible, polling stations will have a one-way system and voters should be prepared to follow the signage and any instructions.

People may want to plan ahead for how to vote on polling day. Polling stations are usually busier early in the morning and after school, so voters may want to go at a different time when it is likely to be quieter.