JUNE 21 is a date that is most talked about, with life set to return to a relatively normal state – but that is only for England.

Wales may still be subject to some coronavirus restrictions, despite if the majority have ended across the border in England.

Whilst the coronavirus threat still remains present across Wales, ministers have made the decision that there is enough headroom to continue returning normality bit by bit across the country.

But the easing of restrictions is based on the data and whether it is safe to do so.

Earlier this month, FM Mark Drakeford revealed the move to Alert Level One will be phased, with outdoor events opening first, but released details of guidance loosening on how many people we are allowed to see outside our own household bubble.

At the Welsh Government coronavirus briefing on June 7, First Minister Mark Drakeford said there are currently 97 cases of the Delta variant in Wales.

When asking is the restrictions are lifted in England on June 21, will Wales follow suit?

He said: "We don't follow suit.

"We make the right decisions for Wales and we make them for our own circumstances.

"We will not be lifting every restriction in Wales from the 21st June because particularly with the new variant and the inevitability of a third wave... we won't be lifting all restrictions here."

Mr Drakeford said Welsh Government will reserve the right to ‘take strict local measures’ to deal with local outbreaks.

He added: "We may face setbacks along the way. If we do face setbacks, we will respond to them in a way that keeps local populations safe.

"If measures are needed to keep people safe the Welsh Government will take them."

Later in the autumn the First Minister confirmed we are "almost certainly" going to see a third wave according to scientific modelling.

However; the peak will be "nothing like it was" due to the effect of vaccination.

But here is all we know about the latest restrictions and what could be reviewed next:

From June 7

Extended households can be formed between 3 households. A further household with a single adult/single adult with caring responsibilities can also join this.

Up to 30 people can now meet outdoors including private gardens and public spaces

Larger organised events and gatherings outdoors are allowed such as concerts and sporting activities - for up to 4,000 people in non-seated and 10,000 people seated.

What next on June 21?

Up for review will be meeting in homes. At the moment only 6 people can meet indoors from our bubbles.

Also up for review will be indoor events. Currently, up to 30 people can take part in organised activities indoors but this may be able to increase.

And the opening of ice-skating rinks

The emergence of the Delta variant – particularly the cluster forming on Conwy – has brought concerns that may delay original plans lay out by ministers.

But what will remain closed/restricted?

Holidays abroad are currently monitored via a traffic light system, with self-isolation plans in place for people returning from amber and red-listed countries but these restrictions are likely to remain in place for some time.

It has already been indicated that nightclubs will not re-open until July at the earliest but some pilot events may take place.

Mask wearing and social distancing is also likely to remain in place, it has not yet been indicated when this will end in Wales.