JET skiers were seen "ploughing through rafts of seabirds" at tourist spots in Conwy and Anglesey.

North Wales Police's Rural Crime Team said it is investigating the incident which took place near Puffin Island, home to birds including guillemots, razorbills and puffins.

A report was made by BBC wildlife presenter Iolo Williams, who saw a group of five jet skiers involved in an incident

A separate incident was reported in Conwy River in which six jet skiers were "scaring everything in their path".

"We are aware of reports of jet skis ploughing through rafts of seabirds on Anglesey. Various reports have been made in recent weeks in areas including Puffin Island and South Stack - home to seabirds including auks such as guillemots, razorbills, and puffins," police said.

One report was made by wildlife presenter Iolo Williams who witnessed five jet-skiers go through a raft of auks off Puffin Island over the weekend. It came shortly before reporting another group of six jet-skiers 'scaring everything in their path' along the Conwy River."

Rural Crime Team manager Sergeant Dewi Evans added: “I am very disappointed to hear reports of jet skis ploughing through these rafts, including in areas such as Puffin Island and South Stack in Anglesey.

“This is not a sustainable way to manage our natural resources and if someone were to do this, knowingly causing injury to our bird life, then they would be committing a criminal offence.

“Please be vigilant around our coasts and if anyone is caught doing this, and the evidence is there, we will not hesitate to prosecute any persons involved.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact us on 101 or via the live web chat.