An author based in Llanelian will be signing first-edition versions of his debut novel in a Colwyn Bay pub and restaurant on Saturday.

Christopher Kerr will be signing copies of his first release, ‘The Covenant’, at the White Lion Inn on August 7 from 1pm.

‘The Covenant’ is just the first of a series of books Christopher is writing, and he has already had his second work, ‘The Barbarossa Secret’, a World War II novel telling of an astounding cover-up, accepted for publication.

He plans to complete his third work, ’Fission’, by early 2022.

‘The Covenant’, published by The Book Guild, tells a story of love, conflict, and corruption spanning half a century.

This is a human drama story set against a background of contemporary and historical real-life events, posing many poignant life questions covering a period from the late 20th century to the present day.

Christopher said: “I am delighted with the response I am already receiving from across the country from those who have read my book. My hope is that readers find my novels both compelling and enjoyable.”

His genre is fiction set against a background of real-life events, both historical and political, with the aim of achieving unusual twists in the outcome.

“I grew up in the late hippie era and was spellbound by the idealism of the era, but then had to question all my beliefs as I embarked on an entrepreneurial career,” added Christopher, who lives in Llanelian and has strong Welsh family historical ties.

“Inside, I was a poet, but externally I was a capitalist, and that was my confliction. This disparity between ideals and ambition was the starting point of what would become ‘The Covenant’.”