VISITORS have been asked to stay away from a lake in a Conwy village and its surrounding area while the body of water is checked for blue-green algae.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is to take test samples in Llyn Crafnant, near Trefriw, for the algae, which produces toxins and can pose threats to the health of people and animals when exposed to it in large amounts.

Ross Morgan, town clerk at Llanrwst Town Council, said: “As town clerk and administrator to the Crafnant Trust, I received a message this morning (Monday, September 6) expressing a concern about the possible appearance of blue-green algal bloom at Llyn Crafnant.

“A second message from NRW indicated that they had received a report and aimed to take samples today to test for the presence of such algae.

“As a precautionary measure, I visited Crafnant early this morning to put up tape and warning notices asking visitors to stay away from the lake and watercourses around the lake and to keep their pets on a lead and away from the water.

“All fishing at the lake is currently suspended.

“Urgent information messages were put on the town council’s Facebook page and that for the village of Trefriw.

“I must stress that, at this time, we have no information on the analysis of algal growth at the lake or confirmation that blue green algae is present.

“Our actions are purely precautionary in the best interests of all visitors to Crafnant and those who live around the lake.”

A spokesperson for Natural Resources Wales added: "We’re investigating reports of blue-green algae at Llyn Crafnant and will be arranging laboratory analysis to confirm what it is. Can’t confirm as yet."