A RESIDENT of Llandudno Junction has called for the village’s public toilets to be repaired and reopened, having been closed for two years after constant spates of vandalism.

The toilet block in Osborne Car Park, located close to Conway Road, has been boarded up since 2019.

John Jones, who was ‘born and bred’ in Llandudno Junction, believes something must be done to fix what is the only one of its kind in the village.

According to John, a community police officer was apparently placed there in the past to try and alleviate the issues with vandalism, but to no avail.

John, who has already discussed the matter with Conwy County Borough Council himself, said: “I’m lobbying to get those toilets open again. It’s the only (public toilet block) in Llandudno Junction. It’s a shame.

“A friend of mine went to Llandudno Junction not that long ago, wanted to go to the toilet and, of course, they’re all boarded up.

“Something needs to be done to get it reopened. If it was monitored properly, it might solve the problem.”

A spokesperson from Conwy County Borough Council’s environment, roads and facilities service said: “The building has been boarded up since 2019 after persistent vandalism, including doors being kicked in, water pipes and sinks pulled off walls and fascias pulled loose.

“We don’t currently have a timeline for repairing and reopening these facilities.”

Councillor Trystan Lewis of the Pensarn ward, which includes the area in which the toilets are located, added: “It saddens me that this toilet block is not going to be repaired and will be reopened; (it is) true there are some anti-social behaviour problems at Llandudno Junction and we are doing our best to tackle this.

“In the meantime, I can look again at the routes to reopen the toilets; public conveniences are vital for people who visit Llandudno Junction, if they are visitors or local people shopping in the village.”

The Llandudno Junction toilet block is one of 10 in Conwy which are currently closed, with three others also shut due to vandalism.