HELPERS at Conwy Food Bank have appealed for donations of various items after falling extremely low on supplies recently.

The organisation, which was set up 10 years ago and covers the entirety of Conwy County Borough, is desperate for as many donations of toiletries and tinned food as possible.

In particular, they have asked for shampoo, deodorant, shower gel, handwash and bubble bath, while they are also in need of more dog and cat food.

Nancy Hughes, Conwy Food Bank co-ordinator, said: “We’ve been so busy; as fast as the food’s coming in, it’s going out. We’ve never been so low (on supplies), honestly.

“It’s sad that we’re in this situation that people have to use food banks, but now, it’s just so busy. So many families and people are struggling.

“It’s very important that we offer this because I don’t know what they would do without food banks. It’s not just people that aren’t working, either; there are people that are working that still need food parcels, which is very sad.”

Nancy, who will have worked for the food bank for three years in January, also fears that the situation may worsen if, as expected, the £20 per week cut to universal credit comes into effect from next week.

She added: “I think it’s going to get worse because all of these benefits, like the extra £20 they were getting a week from universal credit, are stopping.

“Things like electricity and gas (prices) are going to go up, and furlough is ending. People are struggling already without all of this.”

Conwy Food Bank is based at St Paul's Youth and Community Enterprise (SPYCE) Centre on Rhiw Road in Colwyn Bay, and is open between 10am-2pm from Monday to Friday.

It also picks up food donations from various collection points in Llandudno, Penrhyn Bay, Mochdre, Conwy and Llandudno Junction (full list:

The food bank is also attempting to raise £500 to buy children’s books this Christmas. If you would like to donate, visit: