CONWY have done a last minute u-turn and have decided their schools will not end the term with face-to-face learning.

Given the on-going uncertainty and the decisions made by other local authorities across the region, Conwy County Borough Council said they have made the "difficult decision" following discussions with headteachers to end face-to-face learning in Conwy’s schools on Friday (December 17).

A spokesperson for the local authority said: "Given the on-going uncertainty and the decisions made by other local authorities across the region, we have discussed the situation with headteachers and have made the difficult decision to end face-to-face learning in Conwy’s schools on Friday, December 17. We will move to blended online learning until the end of term (December 22).

"We will write to parents/carers again soon with the arrangements for the new term.”

Schools will remain open until the end of term for vulnerable learners and children of critical workers (parents and guardians are asked to contact their child’s school to arrange this).

School meals will be provided as usual for these learners.

Before yesterday, Conwy council were standing firm about schools remaining open.

The late decision to end of school term arrangements was blasted by parents [Conwy Council posted their decision after 5pm on their Facebook page].

One wrote on the Conwy Council facebook page: "This decision really could have been made yesterday! Your decision was awaited by working parents yesterday - not much had changed in 24 hours. It’s the right decision to close in my opinion, but the call should have been made earlier."

Another posted: "The right decision made far too bloody late. Stop waiting for everyone else to announce and make your own decision."

And another wrote: "Disgraceful! After promising that you would not do this, here we are again. Messing the kids about like this for the sake of a few days! Merry Christmas Conwy Council, thanks a bunch!

"It's one thing covid affecting us grown adults but I am sick to the back teeth of our kids suffering, they have sacrificed enough!

"Children should be put first in all of this, it is not their mess."

Denbighshire County Council informed parents on Monday that face-to face learning in the county’s schools will finish at the end of the school day on December 17.

Remote learning will continue until the end of the day on Tuesday, December 21, which is the last day of term.

In Anglesey, many pupils will end the term through blended learning.

The decisions have been made in response to concerns around the emerging Omicron variant.