A NEW exhibition will be opening at MOSTYN Gallery Llandudno on February 19, which will feature the work of Welsh-born artist Angharad Williams.

As both an artist and writer from Ynys Môn (Anglesey), Ms Williams’ work for the exhibition spans a decade, spent between the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.

Picture the Others will be the first institutional solo exhibition by Angharad Williams and this new commission will consist of a large-scale installation of film, painting, sculpture, and text presented across MOSTYN’s gallery.

Power, control, and violence underpin Ms Williams’ work and are brought into tension with a sense of mundanity, intimacy, and humour, seeking to reflect on the relationship between the individual and wider societal structures.

The exhibition will be accompanied by live elements such as a performance and workshops in addition to a reading room titled The Wig that includes film, writing and publishing by the artist and other contemporary artists.

Ahead of the exhibition Angharad Williams said: “Our ideas of the ‘Other’ are informed predominantly by guess work and the hegemonic institutions of history.

“To picture the others, therefore, is to feel and see something familiar.

“The world, however, has ceased to present itself in the old terms. Our experiences of it—our multiple encounters with it— have profoundly changed.

“We see less and less of what we are given to see, and more and more of what we desperately want to see, even if what we desperately want to see does not correspond to any given reality.”

Juliette Desorgues, Curator at MOSTYN, said, “We are pleased to present the first institutional exhibition by Angharad Williams in the UK, in a gallery and local context with which the artist has a close relationship.

“We look forward to this exhibition unfolding, as Angharad makes a new site specific multi-media installation that will include a significant range of newly produced paintings, sculptures and film.”

The exhibition will be at MOSTYN Gallery Llandudno from February 19 – June 12, and admission is free.