NORTH WALES MS Sam Rowlands has welcomed news of increased funding for Tŷ Gobaith’s children’s hospice in Conwy Valley.

The Welsh Government recently announced that £888,000 would be split between this hospice and Tŷ Hafan’s childrens hospice in South Wales in a major financial boost.

Mr Rowlands said: “Since becoming a Member of the Senedd, one of the first things I did was meet with and visit Tŷ Gobaith in my region, North Wales, who, alongside Tŷ Hafan, do carry out exceptional work in supporting young patients and their loved ones.

“I have been really taken aback by the work that they offer and provide.

“One of the huge concerns that they raised with me was this lack of funding from Government, and, therefore, I'm really pleased that cross-party support in relation to this lack of funding has led to Government today announcing a reform of hospice funding.

“I welcome this long-awaited funding, which is a good start, to acknowledge the importance of this work and make a real difference to the support that hospices can provide to people.”

After a visit to Tŷ Gobaith he said he was disappointed to learn that Wales was lagging behind the rest of the UK in terms of public funding for children’s hospices and called for more money to help them.

The North Wales MS added: “I have been campaigning for fairer funding for hospices since I was elected in May last year and I am absolutely delighted with the announcement.

“Increasing the financial support made available to children’s hospices to the levels needed for places like Tŷ Gobaith to continue their excellent work will cost the Welsh Government around £1million.

“This is a tiny amount compared to the Welsh Government’s total health and social care budgets which are in excess of billions of pounds. I am glad to see more money has been found.”