JANET Finch-Saunders MS for Aberconwy has called for the Welsh Government to amend a troubling legislative discrepancy in the Environment (Wales) Act 2016.

During last week’s Climate Change Committee meeting, the Aberconwy MS highlighted the discrepancy within Section 158, which states responsibility lies with Natural Resources Wales to promote sustainable management of natural resources up to 12 nautical miles, despite the Welsh Government’s broader legal responsibility for nature conservation throughout the Welsh 200 nautical mile zone.

Mrs Finch-Saunders added: “Last week’s Wales Environment Link letter to the First Minister underlined the need to make the restoration of marine wildlife a higher priority.

“To ensure that this crucial policy area remains a political priority, I was pleased to have urged the Minister to clarify what engagement the Welsh Government have undertaken to secure a firm timeline to amend this legislative discrepancy.

“Whilst I welcome the fact that the Minister is treating the law as if it is referring to 200 nautical miles rather than twelve, there is no reason why she could table legislation this term to correct the legal discrepancy.”