MORE and more people are considering their dog when they are choosing somewhere to eat.

Google search data revealed a 390 per cent increase in the number of people Googling ‘dog friendly restaurants’ over the past five years.

North Wales Pioneer:

This is the question we asked.

Many establishments are now dog-friendly, with some actually catering to feeding canine companions with a specific menu, mirroring what their human counterparts are eating.

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While others simply provide a bowl of water and biscuits.


Dinner time!

Dinner time!


We asked readers what they thought about allowing dogs in pubs and restaurants.

The responses were divided, even among dog owners and non dog owners.

Here are some of the responses:

  • Michelle Macdonald said: "Well behaved ones in pubs...but certainly not posh restaurants!"
  • Nicola Webster said: "Rather have dogs than kids running round and screaming when you are trying to have a relaxing meal. Mine are better behaved than most kids."
  • Lewis Hall replied: "That's good for you but there's a lot of dogs that aren't well behaved, and when you've got one evening out of the week to relax and a dog starts barking like crazy. God forbid they stay at home for a couple hours while you go out to eat."
  • Patricia Dorricott said: "I am a dog lover and a dog owner and I don’t think they should be in a pub or restaurant but I have no issues with them being in a pubs outdoor area. Lots of people take their dogs on holiday with them and take them everywhere they go so as not to leave them alone in a strange place."
  • Lyn Sargent said: "No. Not everyone likes dogs. Some people are allergic. Not all dogs are sociable with humans or dogs. It should be a decision for each individual pub/restaurant. But if a pub allows dogs and it bothers you, go to one that doesn't. Don't expect them to change the rules for you. I'm not anti-dog. I have four of my own. I'm anti imposing your views on others. Life is about choices. If I want to take my dogs I go to Doris's Bunker cafe at North Clwyd Animal Rescue. Spotlessly clean, great food, dogs welcome and profits go to the rescue."
  • David Owen said: "No. Not everyone likes dogs and many people would not want to see them in a restaurant."
  • Leslie Hornibrook said: "Definitely not! It's not hygienic, a lot of dogs aren't that well behaved, similar to some young children, and don't forget not everybody likes being around dogs! I know dog owners will find that hard to understand, plus I remember being in a pub with the wife a few years back for a meal and two dogs in the pub came up to our table and just sat their staring at us begging for food, the owners just thought it was funny, we didn't!"
  • Ken Phoenix said: Not unless they are Assistance Dogs. I am a dog lover but I believe that there is a place for them in our lives and not all of us have the same requirements. Restaurants and bars in my mind are not places for 'all' dogs. Some of my reasoning is because of hygiene, dogs underfoot, dog aggression towards each other (on occasions), and possible volume of dogs in any one location."
  • Emily Jones said: "No. Full stop. The amount of children and adults with autism who are frightened when a dog makes a sudden movement towards them means many families now have to avoid the pro-dog establishments. Rights for dogs and their owners are superseding those of people with autism and phobias and this is wrong on every level. Owners constantly say 'Don't worry my dog's friendly'. You don't know how they react to strangers expressing fear. My autistic young adult doesn't want your dog going anywhere near him, but it's supposed to be OK as the owner says it is. We have boycotted lots of local establishments that allow dogs inside and continue to tell others with children/adults on the spectrum places to avoid."
  • Emilia Downes replied: "I'm not autistic but I'm scared of dogs too. Especially for little kids when sometimes the dogs are bigger than them. Plus some people have allergies and that's not nice when you're trying to eat."
  • Karen Dennis said: "No it’s unhygienic. My dogs are a nightmare if food around so I leave them at home or in the car if we are away. A family had a dog in pub next to us once that was sick. I then couldn’t eat my meal due to the smell and left after arguing with the manager that he should ask the dogs owners to settle our bill. They banned dogs after that incident, they have to go in beer garden."
  • Katrina Sloan said: "We went to a lovely hotel for a meal when we were on holiday in Northumberland. There was a main restaurant then they had a separate area if you had a dog. No carpets for this area. Northumberland is good for walkers so a lot of people take their dogs. Very dog friendly."
  • Jane Huxley said: "As someone frightened of dogs and allergic to them, this will mean I am unable to visit these places any more and no doubt there are people the same as me."
  • Heather Williams said: "Well behaved dogs yes but not my dog she would be on your lap eyeing up your steak."
  • Annette Wright said: "Yes if they are well behaved. Mine would lay down on the floor under the table. Unless you saw me take her in you probably wouldn't know she was there."
  • Tyler Turner said: "I think if it’s between certain hours and dogs trained and kept on a lead then it’s fine. I think it’s nice to have a few local places that do allow dogs as I found it’s helped my dogs with there training in public spaces and if my dogs weren’t trained I wouldn’t take them. It’s all down to the individual place and if they can cater to dogs and have a section for dogs then I would go there. If a restaurant chooses not to allow dogs I simply don’t go there or only go there when I don’t have the dogs."
  • Charli Henning said: "A dog jumped on the seating along from me as I was about to eat my food, left it due to dog hairs flying around."
  • Carl Hayes said: "We allow dogs in our pub. And they leave less mess than humans lol."
  • Christine Williams said: "Definitely! Dogs are a calming influence and bring out the best in people. I can see the other side though and the concerns around customers tripping over dog leads or water bowls or even thoughtless owners bringing their aggressive status symbol dogs into pubs where they might attack other animals."
  • Linda Williams Harvey said: "I have a dog. And I don't think they should be allowed where people are eating food. I don't allow my dog to beg and he is not given tidbits off my plate. In a beer garden yes but not indoors."
  • Adria Bryan said: "I respect the decision of the individual proprietor. I love to take my well behaved dogs with me when I go for coffee or a snack after a walk, but would never enter somewhere I'd not been before without asking. Most 'doggie' people remember the places they're accepted anyway, and always head for the same ones."
  • Kelly Whittaker said: "Dog friendly pub here at the Six Bells in Rhyl, all we ask is that your fluffy babies are kept on a lead we even provide dog treats and bowls of water."