THE Pioneer was treated to a lovely start to the weekend on Friday (March 25) as got to take in the gorgeous, far-reaching views of Llandudno from the pier’s Ferris wheel.

The wheel, which has garnered the nickname of the “Llandudno Eye” due to its likeness with the London landmark, returned to the pier on March 11 after proving a successful new addition between August and November of last year.

It can be seen for miles when illuminated, and has recently been lit up in blue and yellow at night – the colour of the Ukrainian flag – as a gesture of support to the country following Russia’s invasion last month.

You can experience the sights and sounds of the wheel for yourself below:

Joining us for a spin on the 21-metre-high wheel was Stephen Riley, general manager of Llandudno Pier since December.

Stephen said: "The wheel is a major attraction, I’ve seen people quoting it as the Llandudno Eye. Not only does it light up at night, but it adds so much to the promenade and pier. It’s a focal point.

“The wheel’s been very busy at weekends – look at today: it’s only a Friday in March, and there’s a few thousand at the moment on the pier. I’m so glad we could do something for Ukraine, too.

“What’s so good about the wheel, as well, is that it’s not too big. It had to be made a certain size to fit in this location, and actually, it’s made it more family-friendly.

“Yes, we’re high up, but not silly high-up. This is comfortable!

“I’ve come down as a visitor (before becoming pier general manager). Brilliant; what a place - that’s why I came here.

“If you live locally in Wales, you forget how amazing it is. Look at that view! I think we’ve got a lot to offer Llandudno and across North Wales.”


Open until late in the evening, with each ride lasting roughly five minutes, the Ferris wheel costs £4 to enjoy, with cash and card payments both acceptable, and no booking in advance required.

It has 18 gondolas holding six people each, so can hold 108 people at a time.

North Wales Pioneer: The entrance to the Ferris wheelThe entrance to the Ferris wheel

Llandudno Pier owner, Adam Williams, commissioned Italian manufacturer Lamborghini to design the £1 million, custom-made wheel.