A MULTI-award-winning guest house in Colwyn Bay has received its latest accolade at this year’s Excellence in Luxury Service Awards.

Husband-and-wife team Joel and Tracey Toulmin, 52 and 51 respectively, took on Bryn Woodlands House seven years ago.

They have now added to their previous award wins the title of “most effective marketing and use of social media” – presented by Luxury BnB Magazine.

“After reaching the finals in this category last year, we are thrilled to triumph in this year’s awards,” said Tracey.

“Joining online networking groups and developing our skills to up our social media game has, we believe, helped to put Colwyn Bay on the staycation map of North Wales.

“Social media is a massive platform, and you need to show up consistently and work hard to get your message across.

“We are grateful to every single person who has engaged with our content over the past 12 months, whether that’s tuning into my daily livestream when I am walking our dog, or posting advice that helps people get to know our local area.”


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Joel added: “Running the guest house is full on and very rewarding.

“To be recognised by our industry peers for all our hard work over what has been a strange couple of years is amazing.”

For more information, go to: www.facebook.com/BrynWoodlandsHouse.