A LOCKDOWN project based in Colwyn Bay has come to fruition after more than two years in the making with the DVD release of its own animated series.

“Endangered”, comprised of eight half-hour episodes, is the work of “Hooked Wit Films”, and tells the story of a technologically advanced – and excessively flatulent – alien civilisation concerned about primitive creatures rapidly becoming the dominant lifeform, on another planet called “Earth”.

Consequently, “Space Wildlife Operative Blod” is assigned to command a five-year mission in a bid to prevent this species, called “humans”, from becoming extinct.


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Keith Wood, company secretary of “Hooked Wit” (an anagram of his name), conceived the idea, wrote the script, and did all of the computer animation, video and audio editing, and generated the subtitle files.

Keith, whose wife Rita is also company director and shareholder, said: “The animation work was carried out in Colwyn Bay, and half of the characters’ voices artists are in the local area!

“It was just over two years ago that the UK entered its first lockdown. Just a few weeks prior to that, the concept which would develop into ‘Endangered’ was forming in my mind.

“What if alien abductions are real? Why would they do it?

“I had been involved in amateur dramatics (most recently with the local CHAPS ‘Civic Hall Amateur Players Society’ group) – but that was clearly not going to be possible in 2020.

“How could anything be produced when everyone was stuck in their own homes?

“The solution was to produce a computer-animated series, with the cast recording their lines at home and sending them via email.

“And so, a small group of family, friends, and friends of friends (at various locations throughout the UK, and one in France) became voice artists during lockdown.

“The animation took many months of 24/7 computer time to render the raw video, and many weeks more of video editing to create the eight episodes – all done on a single desktop home computer!”

The voice artists from Colwyn Bay or Llandudno involved were as follows:

  • Keith Wood - Doctor HMS Endurance; guest on Dr Kyle show; Blod (alien in charge of Earth mission); Boss (of Blod); HMS Endurance ship's computer; extra crew member HMS Endurance; Galileo's friend; two vox pop interviewees.
  • Rita Wood - Blod's assistant; Captain Jane Kirkman (HMS Endurance); vox pop interviewee.
  • Andrew Wood - Number One (2nd in command of HMS Endurance); Health & Safety Worker.
  • Ffion Sera Jones - Alien TV interviewer; Florence Nightingale's nurse #2.
  • Hallam Cleverley - Dinsdale Dimwit (punk / metal / rocker).
  • Mark Ramsden - Earth & alien newsreaders; Chris Taylor (male).

For more information, visit: hookedwit.co.uk.