A SPECIAL appeal has been launched to help find homes for six overlooked rabbits.

Apricot, Doris, Ember, Kiri, Mango and Peter are among 19 rabbits currently at RSPCA Bryn-y-Maen Animal Centre in Upper Colwyn Bay - but have sadly been overlooked by potential adopters.

Centre manager Vicky Williams said: “We have around 19 rabbits with us now who have been sadly waiting for their second chance of happiness for some time.

“Rabbits are often perceived as an ideal ‘starter pet’ for young children, they actually have very complex needs and are one of the most neglected pets in Britain.

“For anyone who has done their research and is certain they can provide the time, space, money and care it takes to look after a pair of rabbits then please consider adopting rescue rabbits instead.

“If you feel you could offer any of our furry friends the home they deserve, please get in touch with the centre or fill out an online application form.”

North Wales Pioneer: Peter and Kiri.Peter and Kiri.

Staff at RSPCA Bryn-y-Maen are hoping Peter, a brown rabbit who is around three years old and Kiri, a female white rabbit who is two years old, will soon find a forever home.

The duo - who are confident characters - are looking for a home together - ideally with an older family.

They have been in RSPCA care for over a year - since April 2021.

North Wales Pioneer: Doris.Doris.

Doris - who came from the same home as Peter and Kiri, is also looking for a forever home.

She is a bit shy but is friendly and is looking for a neutered male companion if possible.

Doris is looking for someone that is able to give her all the space and care that she needs.

North Wales Pioneer: Apricot and Mango.Apricot and Mango.

Staff at the centre are also looking for the same home for Apricot, a grey and white male, and Mango, a black female. They are both around seven months old and are very friendly and cheeky.

They have been at the Upper Colwyn Bay centre since they were three months old.

North Wales Pioneer: Ember.Ember.

Meanwhile Ember, a young male aged about 18 months, is looking for a home with a female companion bunny, having been at the centre since October 2021.

To search for pets up for adoption please visit the Find A Pet website.


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