20 years ago, the web was becoming the new normal and Girls Aloud and the Back Street Boys were riding high in the UK music charts.

The car industry was crying out for small town cars in our ever increasingly congested cities, and fuel prices were on the rise. Honda Motor Company already experienced with making small versatile cars, were quick to react and launched the Honda Jazz, or Fit in the USA.

The Jazz was designed as a car for all ages that offered a number of lifestyle friendly solutions. This was going to be a small car with a big interior. The unique answer was to design a rear seat solution that could be split into a number of configurations. Most cars had rear seats that could be put in a flat position to enable the possibility of loading the rear compartment with utility items or bicycles.

North Wales Pioneer:

The Honda Jazz solution went one step further. The lower “bench” would move on a pivot to descend into the footwell. With the passenger squab recessed the backrest now positioned itself completely flat, just like a much bigger estate car or SUV. This new innovation was then complimented by reversing the process to allow the seat squab or bench, to position itself vertically, allowing both a spacious boot for domestic shopping and a rear compartment space for camping equipment, bicycles, or all manner of equipment to suit the car owner’s lifestyle.

The Honda Jazz, equipped with the all-new Magic Seat solution, was a major hit all around the world. Even the most hardened automotive critics found a soft spot for this great new car with its unique interior solution.  The rest of the car was typically Honda. Well built with high levels of equipment, a reliable choice of 1.2 and 1.4 petrol engines, a slick gearbox and reassuring brakes.

North Wales Pioneer:

The Honda Jazz has evolved over 20 years and still wows its loyal followers and wins multiple awards. The Honda Jazz in 2022 is as cutting edge as it was when it was introduced to Europe. The little, big car, now has a Hybrid power train, making it economical, low on C02, fast and smooth. The user-friendly dashboard is complimented with a reversing camera and parking sensors and the air conditioning keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The music on the in-car entertainment has changed over 20 years, as has the easy-to-use touchscreen system.

Ask a Jazz owner if they would swap for something different and you will be met with a prompt, no. Reliability is key to the loyalty as are those super magic seats and a car that can park easily in the most difficult of spaces with its great visibility and superb turning circle.

North Wales Pioneer:

North Wales Motor Company will be celebrating the 20 years of Honda Jazz on the 11th and 12th of August in the Honda Showroom on Argyll Road, Llandudno. For further information call 01492 875991.