THE stars of the first UK tour of the multiple-award-winning Dreamgirls have spoken of their joy at being a part of the musical, as it heads to Llandudno next week.

The show will hit Llandudno’s Venue Cymru on August 9, and will be performed there until August 13.

Featuring the classic songs “And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going”, “Listen” and “One Night Only”, the production had its West End première in December 2016 at London’s Savoy Theatre, 35 years on from opening on Broadway.

Three friends, Effie, Lorrell and Deena, embark on a musical rollercoaster through a world of fame, fortune and the ruthless realities of show business, testing their friendships to the limit.

Nicole Raquel Dennis (Effie White) said: “There were so many moments of the pandemic, where we were like: ‘Are we going to go back or are we not?’, so there was a lot of push and pull.

“For it to be happening finally, and with this show, is so important.

“But to be playing these characters that are just so strong and so powerful after this past year; it’s like the most dreamy combination.

“And for ourselves, as well as to uplift who we are as people, to bring us back up into that place of feeling good about ourselves, and our culture, is incredible.

“I’m very, very humbled to be part of this show.”


First UK tour of Dreamgirls set to arrive at Llandudno’s Venue Cymru

Natalie Kassanga (Deena Jones) added: “Dreamgirls has been a huge part of my childhood.

“I remember when the film first came out, I remember falling instantly in love with it.

“Seeing the role of Deena played by the iconic Beyonce, seeing that role in the film really inspired me and introduced and grew my love for music, but not only just for music and wanting to be a performer, but falling in love with that era; the Motown era.”

Paige Peddie (Lorrell Robinson) said: “She (Lorrell) wears her heart on her sleeves; when she’s thinking something, she says it out loud.

“She has this joyful childlikeness about her, but also, she can stand up for herself at the same time.

“So, playing her naturally, you have to be confident, and show off a little more than you would. So it's allowing me to just be bold, kooky and funny and not take myself too seriously.

“Just in general, I’m looking forward to the different audiences - they’re going to be different depending on where you are and they will react to things differently.”

The 2006 motion picture adaptation of Dreamgirls starred Jennifer Hudson (winning her an Oscar for best supporting actress), Beyoncé Knowles, Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx.

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