LLANDUDNO Coastguard nursed a young man who had dislocated his knee on the old slipway in Llandudno last night (August 4).

The man was unable to move, and according to the Llandudno Coastguard would have waited a “considerable” amount of time for an ambulance.

The Coastguard team tended to his injury before taking him to the Merrion Hotel across the road, where he awaited an ambulance.

A Llandudno Coastguard spokesperson said: “We were called out on Thursday night to a casualty on the old lifeboat slipway in Llandudno.

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“A young man had dislocated his knee, was unable to move and there was going to be a considerable wait for an ambulance.

“We were able to stabilise his knee and stretchered him off the slipway and across the road to the Merrion Hotel where he was looked after until an ambulance arrived.

“All Coastguard teams are trained to a high level of Casualty Care (First Aid) and we can implement a number of casualty extraction techniques.

“If you are involved in, or become aware of, an accident on the coast please call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”